Collaborative Function provides Occupational and Speech therapy services to children of all ages with a focus on early intervention. The company’s name reflects its purpose — To provide therapy services through a collaborative effort between the therapist, parent, child and physician. Collaborative Function looks at the whole child with a goal to maximize the child’s developmental skills for academic, social and life success.

The Speech Therapists at Collaborative Function evaluate and treat children with communication disorders and/or oral motor dysfunction which may affect speech or swallowing. Communication disorders include problems in the areas of Speech (articulation, fluency, motor planning and voice),Receptive Language (language that is known/understood-including attention and auditory processing) and verbal/written Expressive Language (language that is used).

   Phonemic Awareness difficulties (often related to speech/language difficulties) is another area that can be treated to maximize reading, writing and spelling skills.

   The Occupational Therapists at Collaborative Function evaluate and treat children who demonstrate physical, social, or sensory difficulties.
Areas of focus include:

    •  Maximizing function in the areas of activities of daily living(dressing, feeding, etc).
    •  Visual motor skills.
    •  Visual perception skills.
    •  Fine/gross motor coordination.

   Sensory processing is important to social and physical functioning. Children who demonstrate difficulties with organizing sensory input can benefit from individualized OT treatment to facilitate improved behavior and development.

Collaborative Function Speech-Language Pathologists hold the following credentials:

  • A Master’s Degree in Communicative Disorders/Speech-Language Pathology
  • A Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP) and national certification by The American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • State Licensure

Collaborative Function Occupational Therapists hold the following credentials:

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree of Science in Occupational Therapy, received from an accredited program
  • NBCOT Board Certified
  • State Licensure