Speech Therapy Developmental Chart


9-12 Months


Begins to relate names of objects Articulates most speech sounds

12-18 Months

Uses greetings (hi/bye)

Uses sentence-like intonation (jargon)

Uses single words 3 – 20 words

Responds vocally to “wh” questions

Points to wanted objects

Imitates some words

Points to an object when named

18-24 Months

Understands approx. 300 words

Uses commands and reactions “more” “mine” “owee”

Says 50 words

Responds to yes/no questions with head gestures

Combines words to make 2-word sentences

Mean Length of Utterance(MLU) = 1.8

Names familiar objects

24-30 Months

Understands approx. 500 words

Uses some regular plurals

Follows simple directions

Answers “what” and  “where” questions

Follows a series of related commands

MLU = 3.1

Says 200 words
30-36 Months Understands approx. 900 words

Uses pronouns “I”, “me” , “you” and “mine”

Knows 3rd personal pronouns (he/she)

Asks simple “what?” and “where?”

Says 500 words including “please” “thank-you”

MLU = 3.4

Articulates p m w n h
36-42 Months Understands approx. 1200 words

Begins to ask varied questions

Responds to 2 unrelated commands

MLU = 4.3

Knows  “in front”   “behind” Says 800 words

42-48 Months

Understands approx. 1500 – 2000 words Says 1000 words Articulates b d k g f y MLU = 4.4
48-54 Months Understands approx. 2000-2500 words

Uses irregular plurals

Says 1500 words

MLU = 4.6

 Understands spatial concepts Uses possessives
54-60 Months Understands approx. 2500-2800 words

MLU = 5.7

Says approx.2000  words Uses complete sentences Misarticulates few blends
60-72 Months Understands approx. 13,000 words Understands time concepts Uses pronouns consistently MLU = 6.6
72-84 Months Is aware of others’ mistakes!! MLU = 7.3